Speech and Language Therapy Center

Not sure if an evaluation is right for you?
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How do I Identify if my Child Could Benefit from your Services

Does your child substitute sounds in words when talking?

Is it difficulty for known and unknown listeners to understand your child?

Does your child become frustrated when trying to communicate?

Does your child respond with appropriate answers to questions?

Has your child been diagnosed with a developmental delay?

Does your child play well with other children or prefers to play alone?

Does your child stutter?

Does your child point to or take you to items he/she wants instead of talking?

Does your child communicate verbally?

If you answer yes to any of the above, your child may benefit from our services


Trust Us

We Are Here to Help!

We provide skilled therapeutic services that caters to each individual client’s needs. A comprehensive evaluation is completed for each child to determine what areas they need help with. We then develop a treatment plan that provides skilled therapeutic communication intervention for each client. We encourage parental involvement and provide techniques and strategies to the parents to use outside of therapy to help maximize our client’s communication ability.

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